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Technology Articles for Senior Citizens

Most senior citizens tend to view technologies, modern devices, and the Internet in a positive light, using them on a daily basis. However, others feel challenged by various tech barriers and aren't too eager to test new gadgets, services or software solutions. Check out my simple guides and I promise that you will be able to use new tech with almost no effort.

Install and use WhatsApp

How to Install and use WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the best instant messaging applications in the world. It offers free, fully encrypted communication via messages, audio calls, and video calls. If you are connected to the Internet, you can call anyone anywhere in the world without paying a dime. Here is how you can install and use this popular application on your mobile device.

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social media

Beginner's Guide to Social Media

Did you know that about 25% of people in the entire world use Facebook to connect with their friends and family through the Internet? There are many social media platforms, and each one of them has its special purpose. Discover how to create an account on your computer, and then install the corresponding social media app to your phone. Then, edit your profile and start posting.

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shop online

How to Shop Using Online Stores

Almost 200 million Americans do their shopping online. This allows them to buy the same products at lower prices, because online stores help business owners cut their costs with rent, heat, water, etc. Additionally, these stores are never closed and give you the opportunity to read other people's product reviews before purchasing the merchandise.

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google maps

An Introduction to Google Maps

Many people use Google Maps to discover potential routes that lead to the desired destination, measure distances, and get turn-by-turn navigation instructions by installing Google's free app on their phones. Start by accessing Google Maps from your computer by simply visiting the site, and then discover the most important application options.

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online safety

Learn How to Stay Safe Online

There are over one billion malware (malicious software) applications in the world today. Many cyber criminals have built remote-controlled tools, which allow them to take control over their victims' computers. However, there are several steps that you can take to stay safe while you are browsing the web. Here are the top 10 rules you should follow.

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Medical Apps for Android Users

Medical Apps for Android Users

Discover the best health apps for your Android phone. Fooducate grades hundreds of thousands of products according to the quality of their ingredients, Google Fit teaches people how to live healthier lives, JEFIT is a great option for those who love working out, Strava helps people track their fitness, and You Are Your Own Gym includes over 200 body weight exercises.

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