Paid Services


If you need help on setting up Mollify, either in your existing domain or from scratch (including domain registration), contact me.

Basic installation costs 80 EUR (installation as released into an existing site, no customization or further configuration). For other installations, see rates below.

Before contacting, first make sure your server meets the requirements, and in case of existing site, also that you can provide me with SSH and/or FTP access to your site.


If you need a customized version of Mollify, for example in a way Mollify looks or acts, or if you need help integrating it into your existing site, contact me with detailed description of the requirements.

Pricing and Terms

For any customization job, the basic hour rate is 60 EUR/hour, and minimum wage is 100 EUR per job. Unless agreed separately, these prices do not include license fees.

For availability and estimations on price and schedule, contact me with full details of the required job.

Suggested payment method is PayPal.