Current Features

Version 2.5.26

  • Languages: English (translations are welcome!)
  • MySQL or SQLite database
  • Single sign on and LDAP authentication
  • Published folders are fully configurable, underlying file system structure is not revealed
  • Each user and group can have different folders published
  • User self registration with optional e-mail confirmation and user folder creation
  • Customized notifications from different user events
  • File level user access control, editable from client by admin users
  • File and folder details and actions available directly from context popup menu
  • File actions available: download, rename, copy, move and delete
  • Folder actions available: create, copy, move, rename and delete
  • File editing directly in browser
  • Extract archives
  • Drop box (collect files from different locations into drop box, and perform actions to them later)
  • Search files and folders
  • Support for downloading files and folders in zipped format
  • Support for editable file and folder descriptions
  • Support for file preview and view (flv, mp3, gif, png, jpg, pdf, doc, xls, most text formats like html, xml, js, cs, c etc)
  • Support for viewer and previewer plugins, allows extending supported types
  • Support for public links for file downloads and uploads
  • Support for commenting files and folders
  • Event logging
  • Server plugin system for extending features
  • Support for accessing files from native client (ie. from Mac or Windows file manager or iPhone, Android etc smartphone) via WebDAV protocol

Feature Missing?

If there is a feature missing that you need, there are two alternatives:

Feature Proposal

Add a new feature proposal via issue list. They are accepted if they fit into Mollify roadmap (ie. they are generic enough to be useful for all users), and will be included in the regular version planning.

Paid Features

If you need a feature specific to your needs, or you need the feature right away, see paid services.


Version 2.1

  • Not planned yet

Future Features

  • List filtering
  • Direct url to a folder